Make the smart choice. Choose an ENERGY STAR certified refrigerator


As you’ve probably noticed, today’s refrigerators are loaded with features. Beyond built-in ice crushers and endless drawers, nooks and crispers, many ENERGY STAR certified refrigerators also come with more precise temperature and defrost mechanisms, as well as high-efficiency compressors and improved insulation.

When shopping for the most energy-efficient refrigerator to fit your needs, remember that bigger isn’t always better because larger refrigerators will use more energy. Always be sure to check the EnergyGuide label and factor in energy costs before you buy.

ENERGY STAR certified refrigerators are at least 15% more energy efficient than standard models

If every refrigerator purchased this year was ENERGY STAR certified, it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to what’s produced by 100,000 cars

Models with top-mounted freezers use 10-25% less energy than bottom-mount or side-by-side models

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